We have a small group for all ages and we want you to be a part of one.


Sunday School Classes


  • First Foundations:        Teacher, Pastor John Newton. A class for folks who want to know what we believe and why we believe it. What we believe              matters!
  • The Ruth Class:           Teacher, Helen Nokes. A ladies Bible study for women of ages 30 - golden agers
  • Jewels of Grace:          Teacher, Julie Finley. A class for young mothers seeking fellowship in the work of God to help us deal with today's                                                      complex issues. It takes a lot of grace to be a christian mother.
  • The Martha Class:       Teacher: Loretta Diman. A ladies class especially for the women 55 and over.
  • The Men's Class:         Teacher: Ken Enby. Open to men of any age.
  • The Seekers:               Teacher: Jay Blackwell. A class for anyone age 30'sto 50's. Studying the character of God to help you to live a christian life in                                     today's complicated world.
  • The Fishermen:           Teacher: Ben Newton, a  class for young single adults and married couple college age to age 30. A focus on
  •                                   discipleship. applying the word of God to your thoughts and actions each day. 
  • S.A.L.T.:                     Senior Adult Life Today. Teacher Brother Donnie Beebe. A class for retirement age folks. We are never too old to GO AND TELL!




  • Tuesday Groups
  • Mid-week Bible Study:    11:00 am in the Living Room
  • Wednesday Groups
  • Family Supper:                  5:00 pm
  • Bible Clubs                        5:50 pm
  • Adult Bible Study:             6:00 pm
  • Youth WOW:                      6:00 pm 

There are other small groups that meet for specific numbers of sessions. Call the church or check your  weekly bulletin for details.



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