July 5-11

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At Home Worship with FBC Alta Loma

Thank you for joining us today. This format is simple:


Scroll down the page, progress through each element at your own pace

Please don't be afraid to sing along with the worship songs

Take time to work through the parts that interest you

Honor God with your time!

Welcome Video

Sunday School


You can watch our services on Facebook:  



Sunday mornings

                           Sunday School @ 9:30 am

                           Sunday Service @ 10:45 am


                 Wednesday evenings @ 6 pm


Or meet with us at the church :


                Sunday mornings @ 10:45 am


            Wednesday evenings @ 6 pm

Even though we have the ability to meet together and are meeting on Sundays,

you may still feel uncomfortable with it.  That is OK!  When you are ready to come, we are ready to see you!

Until then, our online services will continue to be available here on our website and our Facebook page.

Preteen Camp will take place from July 13-15.

Youth Camp will take place from July 15-18. 

Both camps will be held at TBE in Palacios TX.

The Faith Bible Institute Fall Semester will begin the week of August 16th.

Sign up as soon as possible.

Pick up a brochure from the Connection Center or get in touch with

Sharla Rowell if you are interested in enrolling

We still need you to sign up to offer a prayer for our church

during the Sunday morning worship services.

We have openings starting this Sunday.

Call the church office if you would like to sign up to pray.

If you have any questions at all, please call our church office. We will continue to be here to ensure that the Lord’s work continues and to minister to you and our community any way that we can. We love you, we miss you, we are praying for you, and we are here for you. And please remember that we can (and should) still BE the church.

Hope to see you soon!



We often think prayer changes God.

This simply isn’t the case. Prayer changes us.

When we spend time with God, He is working to change our heart to be more like His.

The more time we spend with Him, the more we are like Him. Our habits and lifestyles change.

We no longer live a self-centered life, but one that is focused on others with a pure and sincere heart.

Prayer changes us inside out.



Let us take time together to pray.  We are going to be led by Ryan Dykes,

then followed by a time for each of you to pray for some specific things. 

We are going to pray for the lost, our church, and our world for a total of three minutes. 

You can follow along with the timer - or continue in prayer when the timer has stopped.

Children's Lesson

Youth Lesson

As we progress through worship, please take a moment to thank God for HIS daily provisions.

You can use this link below to give your tithes and offerings.

A Lesson from Pastor Jake

Checkup and Discussion Part 1


#1 According to Paul, what are some of the obstacles that keep people from believing?

#2 What does he say that people need to hear?
#3 What is God calling you to today?
#4 Is there something you need to tell God "yes" to?

Checkup and Discussion Part 2


#1 Should the fact that some people will reject the message of the gospel keep us from sharing it?

#2 What does verse 17 tell us that faith comes by?
#3 How can you begin to listen to the word of God more?

Thank you for joining us today.

Go live like Jesus reigns over everything!

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